Why Motif is an Unique Investing Solution

If you would have asked financial professionals 20 years ago about what the future held then they would not have envisioned the financial markets today. Necessity has always bread innovation. This is very true in the financial markets today.


Both businesses and individuals are presented with more options in lending and investing than ever before. Some of these are very unique options. Let us explain, why Motif Investing is an unique solution.

Instant Diversification

Anyone that is even vaguely familiar with investing has heard the term diversification. If you have been investing very long then you have been told that you need to diversify. By investing in a group of stocks or in many different fields then you are able to minimize your overall risk. Motif Investing is built around this concept.

They are unique because investors are not required to do this themselves. Investors are able to use this service to purchase a “bucket” of stocks. This means that with one deposit, you are instantly investing in many different companies. This provides instant diversification.

Variety of Investing Opportunities

Motif is built around an investing platform of a group of companies. Currently, investors that use this service are offered options that are built around 30 different companies. You also are able to choose different grouping options for these companies. They call this “themes”. Each investment opportunity it grouped around a different theme. For instance, you can decide to invest in a group that is built around healthcare or technology.

Lower Fees

One of the issues around traditional investment houses is the fees that they charge. You are probably aware of the many different news reports about the people running investments making millions of dollars in bonuses. Those bonuses are created out of thin air. They come from the fees that individual investors pay. This company does not do this. This means that they charge much less in fees than other companies. In fact, one of their options allows you to begin investing in a group of companies for as little as $9.95.

Proven Returns

How much you pay in fees and how easy an investment is are just two things that you need to consider. You also need to consider their historical returns. You want investments that provide at least proven returns for several years. You also want proven companies. This system provides both of these. They can show proven returns up to and exceeding 12% over time. They also allow you to invest in major companies like MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

Our current volatile market fluctuations make it more important for investors to choose wisely. You want to invest in places that not only provide great returns but give you options without taking a huge cut. You can find all of this at Motif Investing. Their “basket” approach to investing that includes built in diversification not only is highly unique but makes it easy for new investors. It is easy to see why motif investing is a unique solution.

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