Web Store Builder Features That Help You Succeed

You sell a great product and you may even have a website that tells customers about your store and product line. Still, the majority of your customers have to contact you directly to purchase. Why haven’t you setup a webstore? Online purchases have climbed well into the billions each year. Without a webstore, you are missing out on how most customers are shopping these days. So, go ahead and upgrade to an ecommerce website that has a shopping cart.  Get a solution like the ecommerce software by PinnacleCart with great web store builder features that are designed to help your online store succeed.


What webstore builder features help you succeed?

#1, Webstore Builder Features that Increase Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

A customer’s lifetime value, or LTV, is the measure of how valuable a new customer is to you over the average time they’ll stay with your company. Maximizing this number and building a relationship with each and every customer can have an exponential effect on your bottom-line. For example, if your average sale is $50 and the average customer makes 5 purchases a year, for 2 years, then your average customer has a LTV of $500.

So, how can web store builder features make a difference to LTV? The effect is seen in the tracking and relationship management. The software tracks where a customer goes, what products they look at, and what products they end up buying. You can then use this information to offer them coupons, sales, and even a custom-tailored newsletter. By staying in front of the customer at these strategic moments, you’re more likely to increase their value to your business over time.

#2, Great Web Store Builder Features that Helps You Automate

There’s no doubt that automation saves you man hours. But, it does more than that. In the past, if you needed to change the price of a group of products, it was very time consuming. You would have to go to each and every webpage where those items were listed and change them individually. Any modern webstore software allows you to change the price for products in one central database, and then makes the changes throughout all the pages. This greatly reduces the cost and increases productivity.  Ask your ecommerce software company about the web store features that will help you automate your online store and reduce the stress and time of daily tasks!

#3, Any of the Web Store Builder Features that Help Improve Customer Service

Customer service is critical to any business. It is especially important for ecommerce sites, since you’re not physically interacting with your clients, and they could even be ordering from another country. An effective web store builder platform will have an add-in feature for email support tickets. Some even have features that allow voice conversations with customers, if anything needs to be addressed outside of a phone conversation.  And don’t forget about the help you’ll need as a merchant.  It’s essential that your shopping cart platform offer a qualified ecommerce help desk to assist you with any questions you may have about your store.

#4, Web Store Builder Features that Track Progress and Profit Margins

Profit is the end all be all to your business success. Even if you are truly passionate about your niche, you must keep your eye on a financial goal to keep up and running. Premium platforms, like PinnacleCart ecommerce, should be able to help you set-up web store builder features that track progress.  This helps you plan for trends and see what marketing plans work for your individual company.

Web store builders, through automating a large number of tasks, increasing the lifetime value of each customer, and increasing the number of happy customers who buy from your business, are able to greatly maximize your income. They should also make your life easier by automating tasks, providing great customer service, and tracking progress. When you pair this perks with the increased productivity that a solid ecommerce platform delivers, you have a combination that will put you ahead of the rest.

What web store builder features do you feel are the best for your online business?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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