Opening an Online Store Doesn’t Have To Be Hard; Read These 3 Tips

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Opening your own store online is a great way to break into the market. It can often be more affordable than a physical store, making it a great potential place to break through and start making money.


If you’re thinking about starting an online store but feel nervous about what might entail, don’t worry! Just read our three tips to starting an online store and go forward with confidence. Read on to find out more and get further on your journey to creating your very own online store.

1. Create a Website

Whether you’re selling goods or services, you’re going to need to have a home base from which to operate. Having a website made or making it yourself is the best thing that you can do. Whether you’re hosting your site there yourself or just want to have a place that explains what you’re about, what goods you have, and how to buy from you or get in touch with you. Be sure that your website matches what you are selling.

Why Motif is an Unique Investing Solution

If you would have asked financial professionals 20 years ago about what the future held then they would not have envisioned the financial markets today. Necessity has always bread innovation. This is very true in the financial markets today.


Both businesses and individuals are presented with more options in lending and investing than ever before. Some of these are very unique options. Let us explain, why Motif Investing is an unique solution.

Instant Diversification

Anyone that is even vaguely familiar with investing has heard the term diversification. If you have been investing very long then you have been told that you need to diversify. By investing in a group of stocks or in many different fields then you are able to minimize your overall risk. Motif Investing is built around this concept.

They are unique because investors are not required to do this themselves. Investors are able to use this service to purchase a “bucket” of stocks. This means that with one deposit, you are instantly investing in many different companies. This provides instant diversification.

Web Store Builder Features That Help You Succeed

You sell a great product and you may even have a website that tells customers about your store and product line. Still, the majority of your customers have to contact you directly to purchase. Why haven’t you setup a webstore? Online purchases have climbed well into the billions each year. Without a webstore, you are missing out on how most customers are shopping these days. So, go ahead and upgrade to an ecommerce website that has a shopping cart.  Get a solution like the ecommerce software by PinnacleCart with great web store builder features that are designed to help your online store succeed.


What webstore builder features help you succeed?

#1, Webstore Builder Features that Increase Your Customer’s Lifetime Value

A customer’s lifetime value, or LTV, is the measure of how valuable a new customer is to you over the average time they’ll stay with your company. Maximizing this number and building a relationship with each and every customer can have an exponential effect on your bottom-line. For example, if your average sale is $50 and the average customer makes 5 purchases a year, for 2 years, then your average customer has a LTV of $500.

So, how can web store builder features make a difference to LTV? The effect is seen in the tracking and relationship management. The software tracks where a customer goes, what products they look at, and what products they end up buying. You can then use this information to offer them coupons, sales, and even a custom-tailored newsletter. By staying in front of the customer at these strategic moments, you’re more likely to increase their value to your business over time.

If You Read Only One Article About Advertising Read this One

There are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of pages out there about advertising. It is what drives business success whether you have a traditional business or work from home. That is why we did not want to waste your time going over the same old information. We wanted to provide information that you could use immediately. So, if you read only one article about advertising read this one.


Most People Don’t Understand Online Advertising
People that are new to building a business don’t know much about advertising. The majority of advertising that they are aware of is banner ads, text ads, TV, radio, and print ads. That is because these are the advertising methods that people notice.


They don’t realize that the really effective advertising methods don’t look like ads. We are so inundated with these traditional advertising methods that they have lost their effectiveness. This decline is simply because they are overused. Double click reported, “Click-through rates are .1 percent and The 468 x 60 banner has a .04 percent click rate.”

How Direct Marketing Made Me a Better Person

This article was contributed by a team member over at, an Arizona Real Estate Group. They have listings in all major cities, including Scottsdale homes for sale, as well as Chandler homes for sale.

It may sound weird that any form of marketing can make you a better person. After all, direct marketing – or any type of marketing for that reason – is only meant to sell a product, right? Yes, that is the common view of marketing.

What most people don’t realize is that our lives and even our happiness are connected to our careers. When I realized this I learned, how direct marketing made me a better person. I want to share the lessons that I learned with you.


It Helped Save My Marriage
You are probably rolling your eyes at this point. There is no way that marketing helped save a marriage, right? I wouldn’t dismiss this statement so quickly. Statistics show us that over 50% of divorces are caused by money problems. If you are having money problems then you are fighting with your spouse more. If you are not fighting then there is still the stress that comes with constant money worries. An effective marketing campaign ensures that you are bringing in enough business to defeat these money worries. Less money worries equates to more peace in your marriage.

3 Proven Marketing Strategies for a Small Budget

Marketing is the backbone of business success both online and offline. There are many digital marketing strategies available to you such as article directories, press releases, commenting on blogs, posting on message boards, starting a blog, SEO optimization, social networks, being a guest author, and many more. But, what are the top 3 proven marketing strategies for a small budget?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Internet marketing begins and ends with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is even truer if you have a small marketing budget. If you use proper SEO techniques then you can rank high in the search engines for multiple keywords. This is critical because ranking high in the search engines brings in organic traffic. This is traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

Social Networks
In the SEO world there is a large amount of debate over whether or not social networks help your Google rankings (and other search engines). Matt Cutts of Google has stated in interviews that Google does not consider how many times your content has been shared. But, when you consider this with the factors that we know Google considers then you see a different picture.

Let’s break this down a little. Obviously, sharing your great content on social media brings traffic to your site. If the visitors find your content interesting then they will link to it. Backlinks are still a very important part of any SEO campaign. So, logic tells you that an effective social media campaign that is paired with great content will produce higher search engine rankings.